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Health Supplements

The following Supplement Companies are highly recommended because:


They are practitioner brands rather than high street brands,

of the quality of their ingredients e.g. plant based rather than artificial,

& that they don't include certain unnecessary excipients

e.g. coating, buffers, bulking agents, colourings, preservatives, etc.

To order simply click on the ‘Click to Buy’ button under the relevant company (don't forget to write down the discount code first)

This will take you to the ordering page and once completed

the supplements will be posted to your address

Thus saving you the hassle of going to a store

and providing you a discount to top quality practitioner supplements

Herbal Medicine

Supplement Companies


Leaders in Practitioner ‘Food Based’ Supplements

Voucher code: DC10
(for a 10% discount)

Invivo Clinical

Highly bioavailable,

pharmaceutical grade formulations

Practitioner Name: Deborah Cann
(for a 10% discount)

Amrita Nutrition

Highest professional grade nutritional & herbal supplements

Affiliated Practitioner: Deborah Cann
(for a 10% discount)

Nutri Advanced

Naturopathic Innovative,

scientific formulas

Practitioner No.: 3093394
(for a 10% discount)

Natural Dispensary

Different brands of supplements

all under one roof

Practitioner name and Promo code: Deborah Cann and Cann010
(for a 10% discount)

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