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Functional Medicine 

The Evolution of Medicine:
Conventional Medicine compared to Functional Medicine

The differences between ‘Functional Medicine’ and ‘Conventional Medicine’

There are many differences between Conventional and Functional Medicine

The 4 main key differences are as follows:

 1. Functional medicine has 10,000s more diagnostic tests available

and therefore can provide answers

that conventional medicine is unable to at present

 2. The parameters measured are wider than conventional medicine

so we can help correct any imbalances

before you get into disease state

(as conventional medicine parameters are based on an unhealthy population)

 3. Functional medicine includes the whole body

as every system within your body is connected

(whilst conventional medicine compartmentalises

e.g. Dermatologist, Cardiologist, etc.)

 4. Functional medicine includes diet, lifestyle, supplements,

other drugs, medical history and additional health advice

The history and the reasons why it was started

Functional Medicine was started back in 1990

by Dr Jeffrey Bland in the United States

(a Conventional Medicine Doctor)

Dr Bland was concerned about the conventional medical system, in particular:

the increase of diseases in the population,

 only treating 'the sickness industry',

not teaching people how to be healthy,

treating the symptoms and not the cause,

 seeing each part of the body as a separate entity

(rather than a complete integrated working system),

 performing tests with parameters based on a disease population

(rather than a healthy population),

misdiagnosing or not diagnosing people until they were in disease state,

 the limited number of tests being performed both in public and private medicine

(compared to what can be tested),

too short a time limit for Doctor-Patient appointments,

appointments not including diet, lifestyle, supplements, other drugs being taken

and a complete picture of the patient

Functional Medicine today

Most people have a mind-set

that they wait until they are in disease state

before getting help

Functional Medicine Practitioners

want to see you before you get to disease state

so you can -be the healthiest you can be- 

or if in disease state

so that other tests, not provided by conventional medicine,

can be performed to find the cause

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