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Digestion & Stool Package

Reasons to undertake a Digestive Stool Test

About 60-80% of your immune system is located in your gut,

and gut imbalances have been linked to numerous conditions

including irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease,

bowel cancer, colitis, obesity, autism,

allergies and autoimmune diseases

Maintaining a healthy gut is absolutely essential

in order to fight off infections

and keep long term conditions at bay

Differences between Conventional Medicine & Functional Medicine: Overview

There are many differences between conventional and functional medicine

and if you would like a more in-depth explanation

please go the Functional Medicine Page

The 4 main key differences are as follows:

 1. Functional medicine has 10,000s more diagnostic tests available

and therefore can provide answers

that conventional medicine is unable to at present

 2. The parameters measured are wider than conventional medicine

so we can help correct any imbalances

before you get into disease state

(as conventional medicine parameters are based on an unhealthy population)

 3. Functional medicine includes the whole body

as every system within your body is connected

(whilst conventional medicine compartmentalises

e.g. Dermatologist, Cardiologist, etc.)

 4. Functional medicine includes diet, lifestyle, supplements,

other drugs, medical history and additional health advice

Difference between Conventional and Functional Medicine Stool Test

GP’s do not provide a fully comprehensive stool test


Functional medicine provides a fully comprehensive stool test

with more parameters measured 

so you know if you have a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection,

and how to treat that particular pathogenic infection

What's included in the Digestion & Stool Package

A digestive stool test report that includes your bacteria break down, 

if it is beneficial or pathogenic, your digestive, absorption and metabolic ability,

your overall gut immunity

 An explanation of how that connects to your health

 Diet and Lifestyle Advice

 Supplement and Drug advice

 Advice on every other body system & symptom/s

 Advice on you and your family Health History

Advice on Diagnostic Tests, relevant to you

 A Fully Comprehensive Health Questionnaire

 A Health Prescription & Treatment Plan

Supplement Prescription, if required

 Two Consultations


Only £540

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