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Food Intolerance Package

Reasons to undertake a Food Intolerance Test

Not everyone shows food intolerance symptoms,

which means you and your family could be eating foods

which may be harming you without you knowing


GPs only test for food allergies and not food intolerances

(Allergies are immediate reactions so you tend to already know what you are allergic to)

When GPs do test for food intolerances, it is usually only for a small handful of foods

Food intolerances are estimated to affect at least, 45% of the population

which is why it is a good idea to obtain a food intolerance blood prick test

What's included in the Food Intolerance Package

 A 40+ food intolerance report

depending on the food intolerance test chosen (can undertake 40-500+ foods)

 An explanation of how that connects to your health

 Diet and Lifestyle Advice

 Supplement and Drug advice

 Advice on every other body system & symptom/s

 Advice on you and your family Health History

Advice on Diagnostic Tests, relevant to you

 A Fully Comprehensive Health Questionnaire

 A Health Prescription & Treatment Plan

Supplement Prescription, if required

 Two Consultations


Only £285

To Book

Click the below button

You will then receive a confirmation email

and a questionnaire for you to fill in online

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