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Frequently Asked Questions

Women being questioned

I don’t live near to you, can I still purchase a health consultation/package?

Yes, the whole process is online

so you can be anywhere in the world

The consultations are by phone and the questionnaire is online

The diagnostic tests are posted out to you

Then, once complete you post them back to the diagnostic companies

See the process section below

Are these small unheard of diagnostic companies?

No, the diagnostic companies are some of the biggest in the world

with the most up to date diagnostic equipment

and crossover peer-reviewed research produced


They are on the ‘cutting edge’

Is it easy to do these tests at home?

Yes, all the equipment and instructions are within the diagnostic kits


Any issues, then there is a support number

within the diagnostic kits

How do I do a Blood Test at home?

You would need to book a Phlebotomist (Blood Drawer)

to come to your home to draw the blood for you

or you could visit their premises


When booking make sure they have a Centrifuge

and send them the instructions prior to the appointment

Do the health packages include any diagnostic tests?

Yes all Health Packages include diagnostic test or tests,

depending on the package chosen

The Diet, Lifestyle and Health Advice Consultation

doesn't include any diagnostic tests

as it is an overview of your health

but it will include advice on the diagnostic tests

that would be best for you


Do you give detailed diet advice?

The diet advice given is at the level that you present

it is not possible to take someone from a couch potato diet

to a supreme athletes diet in one or a few consultation/s

However you will gain valuable insight and knowledge

into your diet at present

If you would like to fine-tune your diet to the best it can be

then it is possible to book a Diet Consultation Package

What is the process please?

 Pay for the Consultation/Package

Order the Test/s for the Health Packages

 Fill in the Questionnaire online

 Consultation with Treatment Advice

Take the Test/s

Consultation with Test/s Results & Treatment Plan

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